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Rust out-of-tree module

This is a basic template for an out-of-tree Linux kernel module written in Rust.

Please note that:

  • The Rust support is experimental.

  • The kernel that the module is built against needs to be Rust-enabled (CONFIG_RUST=y).

  • The kernel tree (KDIR) requires the Rust metadata to be available. These are generated during the kernel build, but may not be available for installed/distributed kernels (the scripts that install/distribute kernel headers etc. for the different package systems and Linux distributions are not updated to take into account Rust support yet).

  • All Rust symbols are EXPORT_SYMBOL_GPL.


$ make KDIR=.../linux-with-rust-support LLVM=1
make -C .../linux-with-rust-support M=$PWD
make[1]: Entering directory '.../linux-with-rust-support'
  RUSTC [M] .../rust-out-of-tree-module/rust_out_of_tree.o
  MODPOST .../rust-out-of-tree-module/Module.symvers
  CC [M]  .../rust-out-of-tree-module/rust_out_of_tree.mod.o
  LD [M]  .../rust-out-of-tree-module/rust_out_of_tree.ko
make[1]: Leaving directory '.../linux-with-rust-support'
[    1.076945] rust_out_of_tree: Rust out-of-tree sample (init)
[    1.084944] rust_out_of_tree: My numbers are [72, 108, 200]
[    1.085944] rust_out_of_tree: Rust out-of-tree sample (exit)

For details about the Rust support, see https://rust-for-linux.com.

For details about out-of-tree modules, see https://docs.kernel.org/kbuild/modules.html.


Rust for Linux (with https://lore.kernel.org/rust-for-linux/20230121052507.885734-1-varmavinaym@gmail.com/ applied) supports building a rust-project.json configuration for rust-analyzer, including for out-of-tree modules:

make -C .../linux-with-rust-support M=$PWD rust-analyzer