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Michael Haro 1be7320498 Use t.Errorf in tests and make the error variable naming more consistent. (#367)
* Make the error variable always named err.

Sometimes the error variable was named 'err' sometimes 'e'.  Sometimes
'e' refered to an EDNS or string and not an error type.

* Use t.Errorf instead of t.Logf & t.Fail.
2016-06-09 07:00:08 +01:00
Miek Gieben 475ab80867 Remove (most) reflection
Remove the use of reflection when packing and unpacking, instead
generate all the pack and unpack functions using msg_generate.
This will generate zmsg.go which in turn calls the helper functions from

This increases the speed by about ~30% while cutting back on memory
usage. Not all RRs are using it, but that will be rectified in upcoming

Most of the speed increase is in the header/question section parsing.
These functions *are* not generated, but straight forward enough. The
implementation can be found in msg.go.

The new code has been fuzzed by go-fuzz, which turned up some issues.

All files that started with 'z', and not autogenerated were renamed,
i.e. zscan.go is now scan.go.

Reflection is still used, in subsequent PRs it will be removed entirely.
2016-06-03 12:45:22 +01:00