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Miek Gieben 4bd038eb76
Run gofmt -w -s *.go (#1408)
Signed-off-by: Miek Gieben <>

Signed-off-by: Miek Gieben <>
2023-01-05 07:53:57 +01:00
DesWurstes 0972db6834
Implement SVCB (#1067)
* Implement SVCB

* Fix serialization and deserialization of double quotes

* More effort (?)

4 months old commit


* _

* Presentation format serialization/deserialization

* _

Remove generated

* Progress on presentation format parse & write

* _

* Finish parsing presentation format

* Regenerate

* Pack unpack

* Move to svcb.go

Scan_rr.go and types.go should be untouched now

* 🐛

Thanks ghedo

* Definitions


* Generated

and isDuplicate

* Goodbye lenient functions

Now private key=value pairs have to be defined as structs too. They are no longer automatically named as KeyNNNNN

* Encode/decode

* Experimental svc

* Read method

* Implement some of the methods, use trick...

to  report where the error is while reading it. This should be applied to EDNS too. Todo: Find if case can only contain e := new(SVC_ALPN) and rest moved out

Also fix two compile errors

* Add SVC_LOCAL methods, reorder, remove alpn value, bugs

* Errors

* Alpn, make it build

* Correct testsuite

* Fully implement parser

Change from keeping a state variable to reading in one iteration until the key=value pair is fully consumed

* Simplify and document

EDNS should be simplified too

* Attempt to fix fuzzer

And Alpn bug

* A bug and change type values to match @ghedo's implementation

* IP bug

Also there are two ip duplicating patterns, one with copy, one with append. Maybe change it to be consistent.

* Check for strictly increasing keys as required

* Don't panic on invalid alpn

* Redundant check, don't modify original array

* Size calculation

* Fix the fuzzer, match the style

* 65535 is reserved too, don't delay errors

* Check keyNNN, check for aliasform having values

* IPvNHint is an array

* Fix ipvNHint

* Rename everything

* Unrecognized keys according to the updated specification

* Skip zero-length structs in generators. Fix CI

* Doc cleanup

* Off by one

* Add parse tests

* Check if private key doesn't collide with known key, invalid tests

* Disallow IPv4 as IPv6. More tests.

Related #1107

* Style fixes

* More consistency, more tests

* 🐛 Deep copy as in the documentation

	a := make([]net.IP, 1)
	a[0] = net.ParseIP("").To4()
	b := append(make([]net.IP, 0, 1), a...)
	b[0] = net.ParseIP("").To4()

* Make tests readable

* Move valid parse tests to different file

* 🐛 One of previous commits not fully committed

* Test binary single value encoding/decoding and full encode/decode

* Add worst-case grows to builders, 🐛 Wrong visible character range, redundant tests

* Testing improvements

And don't convert to IPv4 twice

* Doc update only

* Document worst case allocations

and ipv6 can be at most of length 39, not 40

* Redundant IP copy, consistent IPv6 behavior, fix deep copy

* isDuplicate for SVCB

* Optimizations

* echoconfig

* Svc => SVCB

* Fix CI

* Regenerate after REBASE (2)

Rebased twice on 15th and 20th May

* Rename svc, use escapeByte.

* Fix parsing whitespaces between quotes, rename ECHOHOConfig

* resolve

Remove svcbFieldLen
Use reverseInt
Uppercase SVCB
Rename key_value
"invalid" => bad
Alpn comments
> 65535 check
Unneeded slices

* a little more

read => parse
IP array meaning
Force pushed because forgot to change read in svcb_test.go


* Use new values

* mandatory code

* Resolve comments

Rename svcb-pairs
Remove SVCB_PRIVATE ranges
Comment on SVCB_KEY65535
ParseError return l.token
rename svcbKeyToString and svcbStringToKey
privatize SVCBKeyToString, SVCBStringToKey

* Refactor 1

Rename sorted, originalPairs
Use append instead of copy
Use svcb_RESERVED instead of 65535, with it now being private
"type SVCBKey uint16"

* Refactor 2

svcbKeyToString as method
svcbStringToKey updated after key 0
🐛 mandatory has missing key
Rename str
idx < 0

* Refactor 3

Use l.token as z
var key, value string
Comment wrap
Sentences with '.'
keyValue => kv

* Refactor 4

* Refactor 5

len() int

* Refactor 6

* Refactor 7

* Test remove parsing

* Error messages

* Rewrite two estimate comments

* parse shouldn't modify original array 🐛

* Remove two unneeded comments

* Address review comments

Push 2 because can't build fuzzer python
Push 3 to try again

* Simplify argument duplication as per tmthrgd's suggestion

And add the relevant test
Force push edit: Make sorting code fit into one line

* Rewrite ECHConfig and address the review

* Remove the optional tab

* Add To4() Check

* More cleanup and fix mandatory not sorting bug
2020-10-11 09:09:36 +02:00
Jan Včelák c9b62b4215 APL record support (#1058)
* APL record: add structure and code point

* APL record: add wire format support

* APL record: add presentation format support

* APL record: add isDuplicate implementation

* APL record: add copy implementation

* APL record: add len implementation

* APL record: run go generate

* APL record: fix condition checking for equality

* APL record: use switches to map family to address length

* APL record: check bounds of individual fields rather than whole header

* APL record: stylistic changes

* APL record: remove APLPrefix methods from public interface

* APL record: update README

* APL record: additional cleanup for code review

* APL record: change return type from pointer to struct

* APL record: refactor of pack and unpack to eliminate extra variables
2020-01-03 13:41:45 +01:00
Jan Včelák ba5b1f0bae code generation compatible with go modules (#1050)
* code generation compatible with go modules

* build: ensure go generate makes no changes
2019-12-30 12:25:57 +01:00
Tom Thorogood b955100a79
Move RR header packing out of generated code (#885) 2019-01-04 10:09:14 +10:30
Tom Thorogood 813bd39114 Stop using packDomainName in IsDomainName (#873)
* Fork packDomainName for IsDomainName

* Eliminate msg buffer from packDomainName2

* Eliminate compression code from packDomainName2

* Remove off argument and return from packDomainName2

* Remove bs buffer from packDomainName2

* Merge packDomainName2 into IsDomainName

* Eliminate root label special case from IsDomainName

* Remove ls variable from IsDomainName

* Fixup comments in IsDomainName

* Remove msg == nil special cases from packDomainName

* Eliminate lenmsg variable from packDomainName

* Eliminate label counting from packDomainName

* Change off length check in IsDomainName

* Fix IsDomainName for escaped names

* Use strings.HasSuffix for IsFqdn

* Revert "Use strings.HasSuffix for IsFqdn"

I'll submit this as a seperate PR.

This reverts commit 80bf8c83700d121ea45edac0f00db52817498166.

* Cross reference IsDomainName and packDomainName

* Correct IsDomainName max length comment
2019-01-03 17:39:37 +01:00
Tom Thorogood 57b81e0614 Use an interface method for unpacking records (#884)
* Use an interface method for unpacking records

* Eliminate err var declaration from unpack functions

* Remove pointless r.Data assignment in PrivateRR.unpack
2019-01-03 17:35:32 +01:00
Tom Thorogood f9fcf1448b Return nil error from final return in unpack*() (#881)
This is consistent with the pack*() functions and is idiomatic Go.
2019-01-03 11:44:50 +01:00
Miek Gieben 56516cf4de
Add NULL record (#840)
Sorely missing from this library. Add it. As there is no presentation
format the String method for this type puts a comment in front of it.

Signed-off-by: Miek Gieben <>
2018-12-30 09:45:18 +00:00
Tom Thorogood ff7d445081 Avoid setting the Rdlength field when packing records (#859)
* Avoid setting the Rdlength field when packing

The offset of the end of the header is now returned from the RR.pack
method, with the RDLENGTH record field being written in packRR.

To maintain compatability with callers of PackRR who might be relying
on this old behaviour, PackRR will now set rr.Header().Rdlength for
external callers. Care must be taken by callers to ensure this won't
cause a data-race.

* Prevent panic if TestClientLocalAddress fails

This came up during testing of the previous change.

* Change style of overflow check in packRR
2018-12-02 08:23:35 +00:00
Tom Thorogood 470f08e191
Reduce compression memory use with map[string]uint16 (#852)
* Reduce compression memory use with map[string]uint16

map[string]uint16 uses 25% less memory per-entry than a map[string]int
(16+2)/(16+8) = 0.75. All entries in the compression map are bound by
maxCompressionOffset which is 14-bits and fits within a uint16.

* Add PackMsg benchmark with more RRs

* Add a comment to the compressionMap struct
2018-12-02 08:50:51 +10:30
Tom Thorogood 6ade5b5fff Move compress=false out of packDataDomainNames into caller (#849)
This makes packDataDomainNames more consistent with PackDomainName where
it will only be called with compress = true for `dns:"cdomain-name"`.
2018-11-30 07:49:06 +00:00
Miek Gieben fbee4ceea9
Lint: use ignore-this on generated files (#596)
Make golint not complain about generated file - it's a bit of cheating,
but I think that is OK.
2017-12-06 10:02:47 +00:00
Roland Bracewell Shoemaker fb16e4c487 Only pack NSEC3/NSEC3PARAM salt when it is not empty (#474)
* Only pack when salt is not empty

* Actually generate things properly

* Use string literal
2017-03-21 19:35:21 +00:00
fnevesbr 00b8eaaab9 Fix packing compression according to struct tagging (#433) 2016-12-27 20:21:54 +00:00
Miek Gieben db96a2b759 Handle empty salt value (#392)
When removing the reflection we inadvertely also removed the code for
handling empty salt values in NSEC3 and NSEC3PARAM. These are somewhat
annoying because the text representation is '-', which is not valid hex.
2016-07-25 20:20:27 -07:00
Miek Gieben 5d001d0209 zmsg: return empty rr with header (#380)
When there is no rdata, return the newly created RR with the header
embedded in it. If we only return the header, we changed the
API for Go DNS.
2016-06-14 17:21:01 +01:00
Miek Gieben b51e305bc6 Remove reflection (#376)
Everything is generated. Remove all uses of packStruct/unpackStruct and
make the library reflectionless.
2016-06-12 21:06:46 +01:00
Miek Gieben dbffa4b057 Kill all reflection when packing/unpacking RR (#372)
Update the size-xxx-member tags to point to another field in the struct
that should be used for the length in that field. Fix NSEC3/HIP and TSIG
to use to this and generate the correct pack/unpack functions for them.

Remove IPSECKEY from the lib and handle it as an unknown record - it is
such a horrible RR, needed kludges before - now just handle it as an
unknown RR.

All types now use generated pack and unpack functions. The blacklist is
2016-06-12 18:31:50 +01:00
Miek Gieben 6ae3b9f061 Skip reflection for most types (#369)
Make the reflection types a black list (these types use (or should use)
the tag 'size-xxx' in their struct definition.s


All other types don't use reflection anymore.

* Return a pointer to the header when there is no rdata, this restores old
  behavior. The rest of the conversion mostly hangs on getting size-hex
  right, but then packStruct and packStructValue and the unpack variant
  can be killed.
* Generate pack and unpack for all embedded types as well.
* Fix PrivateRRs, register an unpack function as well, when you register
  a new PrivateRR.
* Add the tag octet, nsec, []domains and more  to msg_helper.go
2016-06-12 16:09:37 +01:00
Miek Gieben 799de7044d Remove WKS support
Support for WKS was incomplete, i.e. len() method was incorrect.
Remove support for the record and handle it as an unknown one.

Fixes #361
2016-06-05 08:23:44 +01:00
Miek Gieben 907a4aef57 Generate pack/unpack for all RRs (#360)
Add dns:txt parsing helper to prevent compile errors. This allows
us to generate all unpack/pack function.

Add pack to the RR interface definition and add this method to

We still use typeToUnpack to select which types don't use reflection.
2016-06-05 07:53:12 +01:00
Miek Gieben 475ab80867 Remove (most) reflection
Remove the use of reflection when packing and unpacking, instead
generate all the pack and unpack functions using msg_generate.
This will generate zmsg.go which in turn calls the helper functions from

This increases the speed by about ~30% while cutting back on memory
usage. Not all RRs are using it, but that will be rectified in upcoming

Most of the speed increase is in the header/question section parsing.
These functions *are* not generated, but straight forward enough. The
implementation can be found in msg.go.

The new code has been fuzzed by go-fuzz, which turned up some issues.

All files that started with 'z', and not autogenerated were renamed,
i.e. zscan.go is now scan.go.

Reflection is still used, in subsequent PRs it will be removed entirely.
2016-06-03 12:45:22 +01:00